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On today's episode of #thinkthursdays we talk about Augmented Reailty VS Virtual Reality

This is something most of us have come to be very familiar with. Virtual reailty immerses the user in a virtual environment. Can simulate car chases🚗🚓, flying a plane✈, being on a rollercoaster🎢 etc. There's been a serious push for virtual reality in recent years. Virtual Reality TV was suppose to be the biggest thing ever a few years ago. But the consumer either wasnt ready or simply didnt want to watch TV in a virtual enviroment. This technology is nowhere near dead or obsolete. But think it will be some time before VR is in demand for everyday consumption.

Augmented reailty places people, places, and things into your actual reailty. With this technology a person could have a completely empty apartment in reailty😞. Then in the augmented reailty have million dollar paintings on the wall🖼, a perfect replica of the Eiffel Tower in their living room🗼, and have a bed made out of 100$ bills💵. AR could truly revolutionize someone's shopping experience as well. Imagine instead of going to the dealership you could check out your next car right there in your driveway!😳 The benefits for education are limitless! Giving a boost to an education system that's in dire need of a boost. The students would have a fun and interactive environment right there in the classroom! In the future I believe AR and VR will morph into one! What

are your thoughts? See you in class! itmasterkey.com