When starting your certification journey you will notice most courses just aren't enough. You listen to your instructor, do all coursework and still find yourself studying topics for hours that should have been covered in class. The main issues most students have with training courses are:

❌ Not affordable

❌Not covering the stuff on the test

❌No real world simulations

❌Not breaking down complicated subjects

❌Not using the latest material


Look, we’ve all been there. The material sucks, the instructor is even worse. You think you know some of the material, but you’re not too sure. So you study harder than you ever have, spending countless hours looking over your notes, spending your hard earned money, just to fail the exam. If this sounds like you you've probably said at least one of the things many students say like

"WTF! I studied like crazy but none of that stuff was on the test..."

"The teacher was teaching the material like I already knew it, never breaking it down into layman’s terms"

"I knew I failed before I even finished”

"I'll never get that money back"

So you go back to the drawing board and do what most students do

❌Continue to study the wrong material

❌Try studying everything all over again

❌Overthink and second guess yourself

❌Stress out about failing again

After seeing so many students have these struggles I decided to do something about it! Master I.T. isn't like any other class you've ever been in. All courses:

Are affordable and can fit anyone's budget

Are self paced so you can learn at your own speed

Have real world simulations

Break things down so anyone can understand

Have knowledgeable and certified instructors

See what other students have to say about the courses...

"My experience with Instructor Rob is one that will be remembered and cherished for life. Rob kept learning fresh, relatable, and always fun. Whenever students get a chance to be taught by Rob they will never forget what they have learned.!"

- Dane Arceneaux, Former Student

"Just wanted to say thank you for making the videos fun and easy to follow. I thank God that I was led to this course. I took the test yesterday and passed! Went from a 633 to a 765!"

- Desmond Edmonds, Former Student

"So I'm currently in college and I took my first attempt Friday and failed it.. due to my college instructor giving my class an outdated study guide. I retake the exam on Monday. I just found this course and have learned way more with Master I.T. than I have the past 4 months in class. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just shared your course with my entire class!"

- Michele Booth, Current Student

"I really want to use this opportunity to thank Rob for being an awesome instructor. I started without having any background in I.T. Your dedication ,perseverance and commitment strongly assisted me to be focused and put in the never giving up mentality. I don't need the agility of an acrobat to say that your were instrumental to my success thus far may God bless you sir"

- Israel Olumese , Former Student

"Rob was a great instructor to me. Not knowing much about the IT industry he was able to pass on valuable information aside from the curriculum. Taking his time making sure each student understood the material and not just memorizing it. I really enjoyed his way of teaching the material having a passion for his students success really showed. My first certification I was able to obtain was because of him and his positive attitude of not giving up. Thanks Rob!"

- Frank Contreras, Former Student

The instructor is direct and entertaining. It helps keep me engaged with the material, focused, and curious for more information

- Joseph Nieto, Former Student

Wow! Awesome course. I love it!

-Lim Fun, Current Student

"Rob was an engaging instructor who made going back to 'school' as an adult not so intimidating. Class was far from boring or tedious. He made it a priority to celebrate our individual successes. One on one follow-ups after exams, whether pass or fail, to discuss our strengths and the areas needing improvement. The classroom environment he created allowed many of us to thrive in the field of IT. Your dedication to helping your students succeed is very appreciated."

-McKiea Price, Former Student

"Rob's instructing style is one that is very unique. He doesn't coddle nor does he push. He makes the student feel ok about missing a question because he makes them realize why/how they did it and why it was incorrect. Under Rob's instruction I passed 3 of 3 certs and I am incredibly thankful."

- Brandon Mcneely, Former Student

Excellent teaching, straight to the point, easy to comprehend, not boring.

- Michael Jackson, Current Student

I took the exam the first time early this month and failed. By going through this course, it has help me understand the concepts much better and the instructor breaks it down really well. I definitely would recommend this course.

-Earl Young, Current Student

Master I.T. is awesome!!!!

- Micheal Dube, Former Student




"Wow! Awesome course. I love it!"

-Lim Fun, Current Student