This Program Helps Burnt Out People, Leave Their Stressful Jobs, Transition To A Tech Career, With No Experience In 90 Days!


Not too long ago I was just like you, in a career that seemed like it was going nowhere. Then one day I woke up and decided that something had to change! Here's how I broke into tech, and how I've helped so many others do the same:



You'll have weekly live online classes. It'll feel like you're actually in the classroom. You'll connect with your fellow students and instructor!


This program includes on demand lectures. Which means you can train whenever you like, wherever you like! You make your training schedule!


Gain real world experience. This program will reinforce the topics learned, you'll feel like you're already working in your tech career.


Simulated tests are throughout the entire program. To include a final exam to solidify your knowledge and prepare you for certification


You won't have to worry about the costs of the certs, we got you covered! You'll begin acquiring certs in just the first two weeks of training!


You'll have your very own accountability coach, helping you every step of the way, ensuring your successful in your journey!



There will be an estimated 300,000 new tech jobs created in 2023 alone! The current and future tech jobs are going to the most qualified and certified individuals. There are literally zero barriers for any person who has the right skills and credentials! Get the skills and the certifications you need with our ZERO TO I.T. HERO program. The right certifications can truly be life changing!


Weekly Live Sessions

In this program you'll be a part of weekly live training, miss a live session? No worries! We record all training so you can watch it later. This coupled with the on demand training, it'll be all you need to get certified!

Cybersecurity Engineer Training

This program includes Cybersecurity training, once complete with the program students will become part of the hottest field in I.T.! This programs successful graduates gain the Security+ certification. This is the #1 choice for the Department Of Defense when it comes to cybersecurity. Graduates are working as:

✔ Security Engineers

✔ Penetration Testers

I.T. Fundamentals Training

This program ensures successful graduates gain skills that cover all areas of IT foundations. Gaining the ITF+ certification will build your knowledge, skills and confidence.

I.T. Specialist Training

This program includes a full I.T. Specialist training. This training covers everything employers will expect you to have for most roles. Successful graduates gain the A+ certification, with just this certification alone you can fill roles such as:

✔ Support Specialist

 Desktop Support Analyst

Network Analyst Training

This program includes full Network Analyst training. The training gives you the skills to troubleshoot, configure and manage an entire network. Successful graduates gain the Network+ certification, with this certification students fill roles such as:

✔ Network Analyst

✔ System Engineer

Students who have the training provided in this program are making nearly 85,000$ dollars a year on average, with some making well over 6 figures!



In this quick video I'll answer all the questions you have about the program.

What's the Zero To I.T. Hero Program?

The program is an intensive 16 week program that follows our proven roadmap, you'll get the skills you need and the certifications the employers are looking for.

Does the program include live training?

Yes! Students will have be part of weekly live classes.

Does the program have remote or online classes?

The Zero To I.T. Hero program is 100% online and can be completed from anywhere in the world.

Will I receive actual certifications in the program, if so, which ones?

Yes! This program will get you certified in the industry hottest fields. Successful graduates receive ITF+, A+, Net+, and Security+

Why do I have to fill out an application, why can't I just enroll?

To maintain the integrity of the program, we vet each applicant to ensure they'll be a great fit for the program.

Does the program accept financial aid?

Yes! We have payment options for those who need assistance.

When do I start the program?

As soon as you're accepted, you can begin training. You'll train whenever and wherever.

Does The Zero To I.T. Hero Program offer a guarantee?

Yes! With your dedication and our "Zero To I.T. Hero" instructors, we have ultimate confidence you'll be successful in the program


1. Make More Money

Becoming I.T. certified allows you to break into I.T. with a higher starting salary. Being certified also gives you great leverage for raises/promotions if you're already in the Information Technology Field

2. Save Time

The time commitment for certification is pretty low. With this program, most certifications are obtained with only 30 days of studying. 

3. Get Training That Matters

Get all the training you need, without any extra fluff. This program allows you to be specialized the most in-demand I.T. fields.

4. Take Control Of Your Life

This program allows you to determine the trajectory of your career. Certs give you the skills and confidence to march to your own beat.

5. Stand Out From The Crowd

With this program, you'll stand out from the competition. Certifications are a great way for employers to ensure you can actually perform the job

We are proud to be a veteran-led company. To show our appreciation for our men and women in uniform both past and present we offer discounts, for military and DOD personnel.


passed my certification today! This program helped a lot because you presented in a very real fashion. This program was just top notch!  I am going to say it was well worth it! I'm making good money now. You gave me the skills I needed!!

Richard S Allen , Current Student



"I was an OTR trucker with a newborn on the way, I knew I had to make a change. With Master I.T. I was able to transition into I.T., while still being behind the wheel! "(Watch Katron's Full Journey)

-Katron Fields

I decided months ago I was going to take the Security + course but never acted on it. I’m now glad I did as this course was very informative, user friendly, and even funny at times. I would encourage anyone who is interested in obtaining certifications to excel their career in IT to start with Master I.T. first!

-Darryl Banks, Former Student

"Just wanted to say thank you for making the videos fun and easy to follow. I thank Jesus that I was lead to this course. I took the exam yesterday and passed! Went from a 633 to a 765!"

- Desmond Edmonds, Former Student



"I could not believe how fast I got certified! This program works!" (Watch Cody's Full Journey Here)

-Cody, Former Student

"A month before the pandemic hit I regained my interest in I.T. I searched for a course but none seemed to fit, until I found Master I.T.'s course. The course is self paced so I don't feel rushed. Having quizzes included after each chapter helps me verify what I need to know before moving forward. I enjoyed the course and know for a fact it enhanced my student learning experience. This course is perfect for anyone who needs an online course"

-Sasha Thompson, Current Student

"My experience with Instructor Rob is one that will be remembered and cherished for life. Rob kept learning fresh, relatable, and always fun. Whenever students get a chance to be taught by Rob they will never forget what they have learned.!"

- Dane Arceneaux, Former Student



"Before joining the program I just couldn't seem to get this whole tech thing, with Master I.T. that all changed. I was able to get my I.T. certs to start my I.T. career!" (Watch Dvaughn's Full Journey)

- D'Vaughn Mobley, Former Student



"I couldn't even tell you what a PC was before the Master I.T. program, now I'm in a full time tech job!

-Hector Santiago

"I really want to use this opportunity to thank Rob for being an awesome instructor. I started without having any background in I.T. Your dedication ,perseverance and commitment strongly assisted me to be focused and put in the never giving up mentality. I don't need the agility of an acrobat to say that your were instrumental to my success thus far may God bless you sir"

- Israel Olumese , Former Student

"Rob was a great instructor to me. Not knowing much about the IT industry he was able to pass on valuable information aside from the curriculum. Taking his time making sure each student understood the material and not just memorizing it. I really enjoyed his way of teaching the material having a passion for his students success really showed. My first certification I was able to obtain was because of him and his positive attitude of not giving up. Thanks Rob!"

- Frank Contreras, Former Student

"Rob was an engaging instructor who made going back to 'school' as an adult not so intimidating. Class was far from boring or tedious. He made it a priority to celebrate our individual successes. One on one follow-ups after exams, whether pass or fail, to discuss our strengths and the areas needing improvement. The classroom environment he created allowed many of us to thrive in the field of IT. Your dedication to helping your students succeed is very appreciated."

-McKiea Price, Former Student

"The course was amazing in its entirety. The value of knowledge you learn, and how easy it is to grasp each concept as well as retaining information, makes the investment a steal! I would DEFINITELY recommend this to all of my colleagues in the industry, as well as any newcomer looking to join the field. After completing this course, I feel more prepared than ever to take my exams!"

- Dvaughn Mobley, Current Student

"Robs instructing style is one that is very unique. He doesn't coddle nor does he push. He makes the student feel ok about missing a question because he makes them realize why/how they did it and why it was incorrect. Under Rob's instruction I passed 3 of 3 certs and I am incredibly thankful."

- Brandon Mcneely, Former Student

The professor makes the material fun and engaging, you are going to have laughs through out the course and enjoy learning your material. Some of the things I personally enjoy about these courses are the fact that they are self-paced. If you work an 8-5, you most definitely have time to put in some work on these courses because you can start, pause, rewind, replay and stop as you please. Another thing I like about these courses are the tests of knowledge throughout. The final two things I like about Master I.T. is that I can reach out to him and connect whenever I need to, he is always there for his students. The final thing I like about Master I.T. courses are that they are fun to learn. The information is not presented in plain old black and white text. Master I.T. gets creative with it! This is also part of the reasons why I signed up, I was following him on Instagram and saw his posts and said to myself “wow, these posts aren’t bombarding with information about certs for once, they are straight to the point.” Join the rest of us and get certified!

-Rajiv Persad